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  1. S

    White screen resolve

    Turn on computer " white screen". Won't do anything! Help
  2. F

    White screen appearing

    I have a lenovo y400. I couldnt on my laptop it keeps appearing white screen and whn tried to connect using a vga cable to an external pc it doesnt appear on th pc as well. I believe th lcd is loose wat do i do??????????
  3. N

    Samsung Tv(s) issues, power cycling, and white screen

    I received a TV from a buddy at work a couple weeks ago. It is the: PN60E530A3F xza Samsung 60" When I first plugged it in, it began power cycling. He said that the screen went white, but eventually it went out all together. Knowing my friend, he was talking about his other tv. So, power cycling...
  4. A

    Dell Laptop Inspiron White Screen Then Won't Boot

    Hi, was browsing Facebook when suddenly a white screen was shown across my entire monitor. Pressing power button won't help or anything, so I plugged off the power adapter from the laptop. Now it won't boot, just black screen with nothing on it. Tried: 1) disassembling and reassembling 2) test...
  5. E

    i can turn my laptop on and log in, but as soon as i do the screen fades to white. If i hook my laptop to my tv with my HDMI c

    white screen on laptop but able to connect HDMI cable and see the web.
  6. B

    White screen only

    Toshiba Satellite A665-S6084 Laptop has only a white screen, same when an external monitor is connected, will not go to BIOS, or safe mode, cabling from back of screen to case seem good,R7R the HD no change. Can anyone give me some insight as what the issue is screen, inverter, graphics card...
  7. E

    Ipod 4G white screen problem

    :hello: I Have a question about my Ipod 4G (ios 6.1.3).....The problem is that,that when I turn it on(no matter it is on standby mod or completely turned off) Its screen goes in white colour(not COMPLETELY white but some 'annoying' STRIPS). So,tell me about it that whether it is my Ipod...
  8. P

    White screen and beeping sound. When turning on.

    Alienware laptop. I would get a couple of blue screen death, ever so often. Then flew to australia, and now I get white screen and beeping sounds, when i turn it on. I press control-alt-delete, the screen goes black and then for about 2-4 seconds it will then starting beeping with the white...
  9. D

    Pink instead of white screen tint

    We have a Dell Inspron N5010 laptop. The screen went black so we could not see anything. We used the "restart" feature (back to when it worked properly) and it fixed the black issue. However, during the repair process, we noticed that the white tint became light pink. Now, all white space is...
  10. S

    I have a toshiba satellite L875D-S7332. It was dropped of bed. When I wake it up it has a white screen with various lines

    Can anyone help im not sure what kid of problem I have. It is a dual core 2.7 with 6 gb ram. I have checked to see I the ram got jarred loose and is fine. The OS is win 8. It has a white screen with horizontal lines that fade in a minute or so when I open the lid . After that the screen saver...
  11. G

    Toshiba Laptop I3 *gb ram, 1tb hdd with a white screen when powered on

    Hello I have white screen on my laptop as soon as I hit the power button. I have replaced LCD, RAM, HDD and video connector cable and still left with same issue. The display works perfect if I plug in an external monitor. I am at a complete loss on this and could really use some help. What am...
  12. W

    how to fix the white screen on laptop lenovo model

    When I turn on my the laptop the whole screen is white and corrupt
  13. B

    Tablet was dropped now all i see is a white screen

    I dropped my tablet and now the only thing that shows up is a white screen how do I fix that?
  14. G

    HP Pavilion 6011-tx White Screen Problem

    Whenever I turn it on, I don't hear any fans spinning, And the only thing that shows is a white screen. (Sometimes it turns off and on) I've left the laptop on for around 5 minutes, and the left side of the palmrest gets extremely hot (Probably due to the fan not spinning) Then, the laptop turns...
  15. B

    laptop screen is white

    Whn I turn on laptop I automaticly get white screen. works with external monitor
  16. Black_Maze

    Galaxy Y screen port damaged, what do ?

    I was trying to open Galaxy Y when I accidentally broke 3 small silicon cones of the port that connects to the ribbon cable of the LCD. Now the screen has gone white. Is there is way to replace those three cones ? How much is the cost of a new PCB ?
  17. TurtleMayhem

    Laptop startup white screen before POST

    Hi, Whenever I start my friend's laptop (hp g70-212em) I just get a white screen, before any kind of POST. The only thing I changed after the last shut down was set avast to do a boot time scan. The laptop in question is absolutely riddled with viruses (which I was asked to clean off!), so I'm...
  18. S

    white screen comes

    My computer turns white all the time??
  19. R

    White Screen Help

    Hi i have a tablet and it has a white screen i dropped it last when i picked it up and turned it back on i seen that the screen was not broken but the white screen appeared any idea on what could be the problem could be .
  20. A

    can i fix a broken screen on my andriod tablet

    i dropped my tablet when i started it up it shows me a white screen can i fix it just asking
  21. B

    white screen problem

    i am using my samsung galaxy s5360 its condition was very good but its display showing only white screen
  22. R

    Compaq cq60 white screen and other issues

    So I am almost positive this is a motherboard issue but not sure if there is more troubleshooting I can try. Turned on the computer and once windows booted it went to a white screen. I could hit control alt delete which would bring me to the vista page for all of the options like task manager...
  23. A

    Where can i buy a replacement iPhone 5 Screen

    Where can i buy a replacement iPhone 5 white screen with the LCD? I want a high quality screen. I can not go over the price of $100. My price range is $70-$100. I can replace the LCD myself. I do not want a low quality screen so recommend me a good website. Thank you to those who answer.
  24. Z

    Laptop goes to white screen

    My laptop goes to a white screen from the time I turn it on. I am not even able to to see the boot up process. I plugged an external monitor to it and when I turned it on that time the external monitor only displays the Windows loading but not the boot up process. The laptop screen remains white...
  25. N

    how to fix a white screen

    when you turn on the computer to screen is whte it want let you go anywhere because you cant see anything.
  26. R

    white screen at start up

    when i open the dell inspiron n4010 the screen is white until i pull screen forward a little then it stays clear until i open it again. i have replaced the screen and still same problem. any help?
  27. A

    ASUS flickering white screen?

    Hi, thanks in advance for any replies. i have a K52Jr which is a few years old. Recently the screen started flickering white, with some gradated lines. Usually the entire screen goes opaque sometimes there is a whiter line embedded in the opaque. At first it seemed to only be when the screen...
  28. chrisjheaton

    Aspire One D255 White Screen Issues

    I purchased my daughter Aspire One D255-2256 over a year & a half ago (out of warranty). About a month or so ago when she booted up the computer the screen powered up completely white. She claims, which I am assumed to believe, she did not bump, drop, or hit the laptop in any way, although you...
  29. C

    Toshiba satellite l305 white screen

    HI I'm having a problem with my Toshiba Satellite L305 for some reason when I plug in the power after a few seconds the screen goes white, on battery its runs fine, can you help me with a solution thank you. cj60wilson@gmail.com
  30. C

    Lenovo g550 white screen but works perfectly for a while

    Hello, I have a Lenovo G550 and the issue is that when I start the laptop I see a white screen but moving the screen up and down causes the laptop to function perfectly for a while. The laptop functions perfectly for while but freezes from time to time. Also, when connected to an external...
  31. 2

    Acer 5336 white screen

    I have an acer 5336 and when I try to turn it on sometimes it will come and other times it wont. When it does come it starts to boot normally then the screen will start to get fuzzy then stays white and never recovers. I have to take the battery out to turn it off then it wont turn back on for...
  32. T

    Toshiba Satillite M305D-4830 Boot white screen, VGA out works

    Ok I took this in on trade, knowing it wasnt working right. Bought a charger, booted up, no HD, and LCD goes white instantly. No response. Computer continues to boot. Hooked up to VGA out, and I get a perfect display... no issues other then white screen. I googled it, and someone said there is...
  33. C

    Tec for sony digital camera dsc-s40

    Hello, when I turn camera on all I get is a white screen
  34. S

    Acer laptop lcd blank white screen

  35. G

    Funky message then only a white screen after startup

    My little HP mini has been working fine until my son started playing games on it. Today, we had a weird message show up saying that we are being fined for copyright infringement or something like that. Wanted us to send $200 bucks somewhere. Did not click the link, of course, but when I tried...
  36. K


    Hello, My acre laptop goes to an all white screen when I log on. When I shut it down it will go to my normal screen just before it shuts off. Kevin
  37. J

    Laptop white screen startup

    My laptop just gave up on me. It was performing exceptionally until it restarted for updates. Now whenever i turn it on, there is just a white screen with vertical colored.lines going down it. I can't access anything. What do I do?
  38. M

    White screen on sony vaio laptop

    Hello, My roommate has a Sony various laptop, a vpcEE37FX. It started getting a white screen. Now when we turn it on its always a whlte screen. It was hooked up to a external monitor once but didn't work, but I'm going to try today. However if it does not work is it fixable?
  39. G

    Widescreen laptop.

    Hello, when if you can help me I have a white screen on my laptop but if I link up to monitor I can see what's going on. I have just tried to change the screen but that it made no difference. What could be the problem?
  40. J

    I need a real know how to do it answer

    Hi I brought this laptop from someone I don't kno. I went to turn it on its asking for a password.. once it first come on.. nothing shows but a white screen and gray letters.. it won't let me in until I put that password in.. and the famous admin. Password doesn't work.. so how can I get in it?
  41. N

    Is it anything major when my computer shows white screen

    Just recently I had to take out the battery in order for the white screen to stop flashing on my laptop ? What is the problem, should I be concerned ?
  42. S

    Firefox Acting Weird

    Why does my firefox stop responding for about 1-2sec with a white screen with 2 blue squares, both in the middle of the screen, one almost at the top and one almost at the bottom. The blue squares does writing or something, but cant tell.
  43. G

    LG 32LD7D

    LG 32LC7D. . Yesterday, tv would power on but go to white screen with random vertical lines. I could let it warm up for close to an hour and then unplug and then plug back in and tv would work. Today, I go to turn in o and all I get is a slow 1 second green flash then a quick read flash over...
  44. A

    Acer aspire as white screen

    my acer laptop is white when i turn it on how do i fix it plz
  45. R

    Hp dv6815nr White Screen? Please Help!!!

    I've got a hp dv6815nr which is in the Hp Pavilion dv6700 series, The screen worked for a while until it went white with colorful vertical lines intruding the white abyss.... I've took the laptop apart twice already and reconnected every cable and cleaned out the whole laptop hoping it would be...
  46. J

    Laptop displays white screen for some internet searches

    :cry: When I go to Facebook and Amazon, the top of the screen will display, but not the core of the screen - that is white. the bottom displays some data such as year , etc. All other pages display. While in Facebook if I go to account information or any other tab that is displayed, the...
  47. D

    Solved! Please help!

    Hello, I need help to fix my hp compaq nc6230.... it turns white screen after i reprogram it to win 7 from win xp... does anyone knows how to fix it..coz it's driving me insane ...please help......
  48. U

    Advent verona white screen at boot

    Hello,when i press the power button,after a few second the whole screen is white,i opened the laptop i unpluged the connectors and put back in,and the screen aswell,and nothing,the same is all white,i connected an external monitor,is working very good,but the laptop screen is white,what can i do ?
  49. E


  50. D

    Repalced LCD only white blank screen

    I relplaced my notebook LCD Screen: LQ164M1LA4A with LQ164D1LA4B The reason that was the previous model was unavaialble or at insane price (300-400 Euros, but still out of stock). BTW< when ordering, the guy said, that this should be working. Now, the new screen only shows blank white screen...
  51. R

    Solved! [Dell-Alienware] m18x Blank screen when powering it on.

    Hi, today I was the happiest guy on earth for 7 minutes. I unboxed my new m18x and turned it on for the first time. Everything went fine, except I noticed a flicker of a white screen showing up with a few horizontal rgb lines. Okay, I decided to ignore it but suddenly it wouldn't work anymore...
  52. F


    i have a white screen on my acer laptop ferarrie
  53. M


    Hello, i need help pleaseee my phone will not turn on properly.. when i turn it on a white screen appears which usually is followed by music and blue letters that come up saying 'NOKIA' etc.. now since i turned my phone off and back on again it only stays on the white screen????? whats wrong...
  54. S

    Yellow streaks on white screen sony lcd

    3 vertical yellow streaks/blotches most noticeable on a white background, IE hockey game. Sony lcd kdl46z4100 2 years old. Could this be a screen surface issue, or is this more likely a bad screen. How best to diagnose.
  55. the_crippler

    Laptop Display issues, white screen of death

    I have a Laptop that is working flawlessly, with one exception: White screen of death. I'm trying to determine if it is just the LCD, or if it is the mobo that is the problem. The screen is white on start-up, but then goes to desktop. it will work fine on the desktop for browsing...
  56. G

    How come does a cell phone turn white screen

    Hello, how do u fix a white screen on a motorola w490
  57. R

    Acer aspire 4315 white screen

    my acer aspire 4315, has a white, blank, screen when i turn it on sometimes..and sometimes it turns on with no problem...i was told that it was the motherboard..any suggestions appreciated.. :??:
  58. T

    White screen on Samsung NP-NC10 netbook

    Hello, I have a Samsung netbook that the screen is white when turned on. When it first started you could open it to certain angle and it would work but if you moved it either way it would turn white. Now the only time the screen is not white is when it is opened a couple of inches not allowing...
  59. G

    Acer c500 hangup

    My acer pda c500 just hangs after it starts up, white screen with the pda logo on it and then nothing, i have done soft reset nothing, also done hard reset and does not do anything, although bit confused with the hard reset. Any ideas as to what i can do. i have to take battery out to switch off...