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  1. L

    I get a white screen everytime I reopen my laptop

    So I've had this problem for a few days now, I've tried everything I could think of. Even wiping my computer out and rebooting. But nothing seems to help. Everytime I close my laptop even for a second and go to reopen I get this white screen. And the only way out is to shut down and restart by...
  2. N

    Asus C200 Chromebook screen/display problem

    My screen/display on my Chromebook only shows a blank white screen when I open it ever since it fell off a chair from about 2 feet. The brightness still works. When I press the brightness button it will increase and decrease. I can power off my Chromebook or shut it down, but my problem is it...
  3. C

    Samsung ST200F White Screen?

    Samsung ST200F This is a compact camera I use very infrequently. After not being used for nearly 10 months I charged the camera (battery had gone dead) and turned it on... only to find I had a white screen! At the advice of Samsung, I pulled the micro sd card and battery and reinstalled both...
  4. C

    Asus laptop has white screen with ink blobs and can't access anything on start up

    My Asus laptop was running normally then after being idle the screen came back white with ink spots and after trying to restart several times the problem is still the same and I am not able to interrupt the startup sequence or do anything at all
  5. M

    My Lenovo G510 display showing white screen is the display gone or any problem

    My lenovoG510 laptop screen is showing in white colour. When I'm using my lap it suddenly blurred and that time I make laptop shut down. After i I started again it worked properly for 2 minutes after the display turns into white colour. Why it happened like that and please solve the problem
  6. S

    looking for a remedy

    i have a galaxy s3. it wont turn on but have a white screen.
  7. J

    Laptop wont boot after restarting it when connected HDMI-to-TV; white screen when connected to TV/Monitor, black screen as is.

    I apologize ahead of time for the long post but I want to provide as much procedural details as possible. Thank you for hanging with me. Note that I am not terribly computer savvy but I know how to google, so I will do my best to research before asking overly simple questions. I've done my best...
  8. R

    Help! My Lenova S21E-20 laptop has a "white screen"

    My Lenova S21e-20 laptop screen changed to white while I was completing college course assignments. The following morning when I turned it on it still has this white screen. I don't know what to do. Please Help!
  9. J

    how to fix erro 0n acer computer that start to white sceen

    computer only start and go to white screen how to fix
  10. Tomjoppe28

    Laptop screen white

    I have a HP pavilion laptop and at first it had horizontal white stripes across the screen but now the screen is completely white what can i do? Thanks and regards, Tom
  11. B

    HP Pavilion DV7 black/white screen while booting

    I have just bought a DV7 that was claimed as not working on ebay. When I received it, I cleaned it of dust and replaced the hard drive with an ssd. It does this problem with the old drive also. But while booting it is just a black or gray screen until it gets to windows. (The boot time seems to...
  12. L

    White screen and nothing else

    I have a Toshiba, Windows 7 laptop. When I turn it on the only thing that happens is a white screen. Nothing I do helps, but I am a computer ignoramus so the only thing I can do to try to fix it is turn it off and on, and take out battery. None of those things worked. If you have an answer for...
  13. K

    toshiba L500D laptop

    computer has white screen when booted up sometimes gets to desktop ok sometimes after 10 -30 minutes or not at all can hear emails coming in in background could it be the backlight
  14. T

    i have a lot of stuff on my broken nextbook. I can return it but i dont want to lose the stuff saved on it

    My tablet broke and i see a black and white screen. I could take it back to the providers but then i will lose all the data on it and have to start from scratch on the new tablet. Please tell me what to do?
  15. T

    White screen on Toshiba laptop

    Every time i turn on the laptop i get a white screen but when i conect it to a monitor it starts normally.I checked the wires in the laptop and everything is connected.Please help( i tink it could be a virus or something but im not sure ) .
  16. J

    Bought new 4K 43UF6400 LG on 10/29/15. Turned power on, big white screen and now it's cracked in upper right corner. I'm tech

    I've had a go around with local tv repair shop and LG. I even filed a complaint with BBB because I didn't do anything to break it - just turned it on and a big white screen flashed and now it's cracked. No one seems to believe me, but If I could swear on the Holy Bible - that's really WHAT...
  17. A

    my laptop fell , now its screen turns white and suddenly turns off. Any possible solution? Thanks

    My Acer netbook turns white in start up and suddenly turns off. The screen has no visible sign of being broken, the laptop is turn on when it fall.
  18. O

    Coloured lines and white screen with lines on Elephone phone

    Hi! In a elephone phone while opens normally start logo, after a little at random times sees colored lines and / or a white screen with lines, and turn off.After opens after 5-10 minutes. Watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJvHMx7Xb1k The moment that shows the lines is at 0:33. I...
  19. N

    how to fix white screen on my lenovoG470

    my laptop turn to white screen and have grey stripes? how i can fix that?
  20. B

    My laptop displays a white screen when turned on - Gateway NV57H58U

    My laptop, a gateway NV57H58U, displays a white screen when turned on. I can still hear it start up, and I can use it normally by plugging it into my TV via HDMI. I checked the connection between the motherboard and the screen on both ends, unplugged and re-plugged, and still no dice. The...
  21. M

    Videos play in black and white while charging - HP Laptop Windows 10

    HP laptop Windows 10 playing all forms of video in black and white only if its being charged
  22. J

    Samsung np365e5c White Screen

    Replacing monitor for a friend got everything hooked up and working fine. Then the new monitor goes black and then just white. I rehooked up the old monitor and nothing but white. I've replaced the ribbon from motherboard to monitor and still all white. It works fine with an HDMI cord. I'm...
  23. C

    how to fix a white screen on a windows 7

    Was using my laptop last night and then I closed it and went to bed like normal. Then I got up this morning to use it again and it turns on and I hear everything reboot but the screen is just white. What do I do?
  24. G

    White screen HP Pavilion G6-2210sa

    Hello! The current issue is that this laptop only displays a blank, white screen. When I received the laptop, despite one hinge being faulty the screen worked fine (albeit temperamentally, sometimes the display would have "red instead of black" and required tilting/wiggling to return to...
  25. M

    white screen on laptop

    When i turn my laptop on i get this grey horizontal lines with a black square in the right hand corner of the screen. But when i 'm on the internet the screen turns white. This only happens on the laptop screen, not when it's hooked up to a tv.
  26. H

    Dell XPS 15 L502X White Screen & LCD Connector

    Hi I am user of Dell XPS L502X (It is already out of warranty). yesterday, the screen suddenly went full white when I turned it on. The laptop can still function normally as I can hear the windows sound (the sound that windows gave when it turns on) and also the sounds of some of the...
  27. H

    My Dell XPS M2010 got a white screen while on youtube and just turned off.

    When you turn it on now the screen stays off, but the laptop actually lights up and you can hear the fan inside operating. I want to fix this laptop. Any ideas on what it could be that's causing this issue? Since the laptop actually lights up when you hit the power button I suppose we can rule...
  28. I

    Laptop White Screen

    My laptop is showing me a completely white screen. Some times I see my desktop sometimes not at all. Some times it flash white/grey lines. Most of the time there is no picture just a white/black/grey screen. However if I plug my computer into my TV using HDMI I can see my desktop and there...
  29. S

    white screen problem in Lenovo ideapad flex 10

    When i turn on my Lenovo idea pad flex 10, only white screen comes. so please give the solution. tell me about the problem
  30. S

    white screen problem in Lenovo ideapd flex 10

    When i turn on my Lenovo idea pad flex 10, only white screen comes out so plz help me and give the solution.
  31. D

    Monitor with abnormal dark/white tones and weird color lines

    Hi all! I'm new! it's a pleasure to be part of this community! I'm starting to get interested into the hardware repairing of desktop and portable computers and this web has proven to be very handy to me! =) I have a HP Probook 4410s laptop and recently the monitor started working in an abnormal...
  32. S

    Lenovo Y400 - White Screen Problem

    Hello! Thanks for reading my post. I am asking for help to identify the culprit to my laptop problem. Relevant Specs: Lenovo y400 LCD Screen Problem: The original laptop screen turns on, but is completely white. Background: 1. Hooking up the laptop to another monitor by HDMI works properly...
  33. M

    Laptop Screen Turns White

    My Lenovo Laptop's screen turns white as soon as I turn on the laptop. However If I am using the laptop while charging it then I get no issue. Similarly if I remove the battery and use it by plugging AC charger then too I get no issue unless I adjust the screen. One more thing, If I adjust the...
  34. G

    Precision M6700 randomly boots to a white screen

    Specs: Dell Precision M6700 Intel i7-3740QM @ 2.7GHz 16GB of RAM (4x4GB) LITEONIT LCS-256M6S SSD nVidia Quadro K3000M Symptoms: I have a user who has presented his Dell Precision M6700 workstation booting to a white screen. While the screen is white, the caps lock key will respond but no key...
  35. M

    White screen on my asus

    My screen is completely white. Nothing showing..no arrow nothing. I have tried control alt delete and I have tried the f8 over and over nothing...Help
  36. H

    Log onto White screen

    When I log onto windows all I get is a white screen. If I ctrl alt del and log out and log back end my pc works again. I have looked into this and maybe this is the Trojan virus? Not sure why this would happen I never download or open mysterious emails. I have tried: Running my antivirus Running...
  37. J

    how to get rid of the white screen

    i tried to reset it using the button method ( volume and power button ) but instead of going to the reset screen the screen turned white
  38. F

    Hp Pavilion laptop white screen problem

    Hi, I am using Pavillion 14 series HP laptop (core i3 with 4 GB RAM). Few months before My laptop fell from the table then the web cam did not work even after given a new OS. Then yesterday I see a complete white screen in my laptop. I check VGA cable , external monitor was working fine...
  39. R

    hii i am raj mahor my htc sensation z710e phone when i am on it its show only white screen with htc logo how to get out off.so

    hii i am raj mahor my htc sensation z710e phone when i am on it its show only white screen with htc logo how to get out off.so
  40. mrtoast72

    White screen, no video out either. I'm stooped please help D:

    Hey guys toast here just needing some help uselly I help other people on the forum but today I need your help. I have an asus g72 rog gaming laptop, kinda old but still was good. when I went to go boot it up one day after a trip I got a white screen and thats it. I tried my hmdi port and my vga...
  41. D

    my scrren on my laptop goes white as soon as i turn it on.how can i use f8 when i cant reboot it

    White screen shows on my laptop as soon as I hit power switch how can I hit f8 if I cant reboot
  42. G

    What causes a white screen on my Acer aspire D57-13659

    When I turn on my Acer Aspire D57-13659 the screen is white. What would cause this?
  43. V

    White screen on laptop

    Recently the lcd screen on my laptop has been flickering with horizontal lines and turning white. The screen does go back to normal but it takes 10 minutes or more. I checked all the connections inside of the laptop and they are all connected. I was wondering if there is any way to fix this...
  44. H

    how do i fix white screen on my laptop

    when i turn on laptop appear white screen
  45. S

    white screen on the bottom of laptop

    I have started to take me battery out and leave the charger in and it starts to flicker. Now covering most of my screen is just white on the bottom. I have compaq 6910p pls help.
  46. S

    Sony Vegas Pro 'Render As..' button not working.

    I've downloaded Sony Vegas Pro 13.0 Trail version from their website as i want to start creating videos. After editing a video and getting it how i wanted i click the 'Render As...' button and the window comes up but nothing but a blank white screen and with no options to do anything. Anyone...
  47. F

    how to fix half white screen on laptop

    how to fix half white screen on laptop
  48. C

    White Screen System Error

    i have an HP 6730b laptop with windows 8 (upgrade) . when i start the computer i get a white screen and the following error: your computer has suffered from a nonrecoverable system error, Please call our support line for assistance 713-634-2494 this error occurred after i did a windows update...
  49. Axedavid201

    Sony NEX-5N unable to use memory card

    So I have this Sony NEX-5N that I've been using for a while now, but suddenly I'm having this issue where the camera says that it can not use the memory card. When I power on the camera it says on a white screen that says, "Unable to use memory card. Format?" I tap on the screen and press the...
  50. C

    I am getting a white screen on my laptop but if I connect the laptop to a tv, I can see my windows screen

    I am getting a white screen on my laptop but if I connect the laptop to a tv, I can see my windows screen
  51. J

    Just replace my toshiba a205 screen,but got white screen

    First time done my screen replace, it's A205 s5000 laptop. When I turn on computer ,screen stay white,I can heard some computer running. Is any one can help ? Thank u !
  52. K

    i dropped it and i see a white screen

    :??: please help me i just got it yesterday and it will break my mothers heart
  53. W

    asus g1latop powers on i hear sound but blank white screen wont boot

    Blank white screen makes noise but has power but blank white
  54. jamesbones626

    Getting a blank white screen after rebuilding a laptop.

    Alright so, ive got an asus x55a laptop. I bought it used and in pieces. I was going to sell it for parts and realized most of the parts were there. So I put it together. Everything seemed to be fine and seemed to have no damage. I did not have a hard drive ram wifi card or screen. But I do have...
  55. 1

    my alacatel onetouch phone won't turn on it freezes when I press power on and it comes up with a white screen how do I make it

    Everytime I attempt to turn on my alacatel s'pop phone it it comes up with a white screen saying 'alacatel one touch' but then freezes I've tried everything e.g taking the battery out but nothings working any ideas on how to make it work
  56. T

    my samsung s3 wont turn on but hve a white screen

    Please help!!! I haven't dropped phone or water my phone froze so I turned of to restart now it won't load up just keep getting a white screen not seeing the logo like normal either not sure why! Thanks
  57. D

    falling white screen

    While playing my game my screen will go white,I still have sound and sometimes can come out of it by hitting escape key or alt enter. Ive reseated the cable on screen once and cleaned all fans.It sits on a cool pad when im online gaming. Really need help on this one it's driving me crazy and Im...
  58. L

    LCD showing White Screen on my HP Compaq 8710w Laptop

    I've got an HP Compaq 8710w Workstation for a laptop. Specs are: Intel Core 2 Duo T9500 2.6 GHz 4GB DDR2 RAM NVIDIA Quadro FX 1600M - 512 MB LCD Display is LG Philips LP171WU3-TLB1 Windows 7 Ultimate A couple of months back, the LCD started displaying multiple shades of colors (blue...
  59. S

    laptop screen suddenly turned white

    hey there, it was 12:50 pm i was working on my laptop (acer aspire s3 951) and suddenly the screen turned white... i tried rebooting the whole computer.. even taking off the display and gluing down the lcd cable but nothing seems to work.... the first time the white screen appeared the whole...
  60. S

    White screen prob

    Untab programs under msn config and now when computer sarts up its a white screen. Unchecked nvidia so might be thinking its a prob. When first up tabbed programs ans restarted it worked fine. Did this 3times and worked fine. Turned it on yesterday and all white screen. F8 does not work either...