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  1. J

    I have a XPS M1730 with no hard drive. Is there some way to boot it up or not?

    I have a XPS M1730 with no hard drive. Is there some way to boot it up or not?
  2. H

    Dell XPS 15 noise problem

    Hey everyone. I recently bought the Dell xps 15 and it is great. However, I have noticed some noise from the top left corner and I am having a hard time neglecting it. Is that normal? Thanks in advance!
  3. W

    blank and black sreen

    How to check wht the problem with xps 15 black sreen.when I on the power, it have blank and not anything out of window.but the laptop and hardwre still working.i had troubleshoot with fn+power and it hear out 3 beep mny time.wht the issue was fail my laptop.
  4. L

    Xps 15 will not turn on or nothing just dead

    Download Skype upgrade July 22 & was on old Skype but didn't start installation. Finished chat using older Skype. Skype was still open was using Mozilla on bank website then I got blue screen something dump data. I forced shutdown holding the start bottom & it did. Waited for a bit & tried to...
  5. B

    Dell XPS 15 freezing during videogame

    I own a laptop (XPS 15) that is only a few years old. I have recently downloaded and installed a game that shouldn't be a problem for the computer. However, I am having issues. When the game is played for anywhere between 30 seconds to 10 minutes the computer freezes and I am unable to do...
  6. D

    Hard drive won't format - Internal 32GB

    I have an XPS Ultrabook. The ran into a problem today where the computer froze. Windows 7 is installed on the 32gb internal hdd. Windows was running fine. I closed the lid so I could connect an HDMI cable. I close it first then connect because that's the only way the sound will transfers to the...
  7. A

    New Razer Blade 14 Vs Xps 15 (2014)

    I'm looking for the best touchscreen laptop between the New Razer Blade and the Xps 15 (2014). I don't know which is a better premium laptop. I care mostly about design and performance.
  8. T

    dell laptop trying to diagnose possible hardware fault

    I'm having serious issues with my xps l702x laptop. I'm currently at a point where I can run diagnostics from a boot cd but when I try to install windows, the machine restarts without any blue screens. Here's a bit more detail on what's happened so far. Problems started when I began to see...
  9. iiNrG

    Laptop Fan Not Turning On?

    Hi, I recently wiped the Hard Drive on my Dell XPS 15 L502x Laptop in order to sell it. All has been going well but i've noticed that sometimes the laptop (Now that i've re-installed windows) shuts down from time to time, due to what I believe is overheating. I've noticed that the exhaust fan...
  10. A

    Will 8GB instead of 4GB significantly improve my XPS laptop?

    Hi, I currently have a Dell XPS laptop bought in October 2011. It's current configuration is: - Intel i5 2.40GHz - 4GB Ram (2+2) - GeForce GT 540M - Windows 7 64 I am thinking of doubling my RAM to 8GB (4+4). I'm using the laptop for graphic stuff, and browsing. My question is: Will it make a...
  11. Z

    Macbook or XPS 15?

    15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina (2.8GHz Quad-core Intel Core i7, Turbo Boost up to 3.8GHz/ 16GB 1600MHz DDR3L SDRAM/ 768GB Flash Storage/ Apple USB SuperDrive) as compared to the Dell XPS 15 (HD screen, 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ i7-3632QM processor: 6M Cache, up to 3.2 GHz, NVIDIA®...
  12. J

    Dell XPS 1330 powers on and immediately dies, need help

    my dell 1330 can't power on properly. every time i turn it on, it would be on for a few seconds then it would immediately die. after googling several threads which had similar problems it turns out that this might be a capacitor on my MOBO. however, with my bare eyes, i can't tell that any of...
  13. I

    My XPS 14z fell! looks alright but i am worried

    Hi! I created an account here so i can asks how to detect faults. i dropped my laptop at about 2 feet with the laptop cooler on it so it kinda cushioned the fall. the cooler was about 1 1/3 inches tall. no cracks or problems. just worried and still horrified. ): what should i do? the HDD made...
  14. R

    Xps 17 L702x

    Hello, I have an xps 17 L702x, the issue with mine first occurred after being left on charge over night, when I went to turn it on in the morning the power button just flashed for a second, after numerous attempts the laptop eventually turned on - only to go into sleep mode after five minutes...
  15. A

    How to turn on sound for this Dell laptop Model XPS M1530

    my computer says no sound program detected. it did have sound. what happened
  16. T

    Upgraded my M1730 XPS

    I own an old M1730 XPS dell with windows vista(i do not mind that it is a vista, so don't tell me to upgrade to win7). I am a college student and i do fool around and play video games one the computer. These days with all the new 2012-2013 games i can hardly run then on the lowest settings and...
  17. P

    Which has better compatibility with ubuntu - xps 13 / xps 14?

    I am planning on buying a dell XPS 13 or XPS 14.. but really confused in choosing one.. - Will be installing Ubuntu along side windows (dual boot) - Main purpose - web & mobile app development - It seems XPS 13 ( only pre-installed Ubuntu - project sputnik) is Ubuntu certified and XPS 14 is...
  18. Z

    How to turn on sound for this Dell laptop Model XPS M1530

    Dell Laptop XPS | M1530 I turned off the sound to use better speakers, now i dont remember how to turn it back on.
  19. V

    Confused which 2.1 speakers to buy...?

    Hi guys i am looking for a 2.1 speaker system. So far i have shortlisted these HERCULES XPS 2.1 20, CREATIVE INSPIRE t3130, LOGITECH Z313. My requirement are that speakers should sound crisp and the bass should be tight not boomy(i really like bass). I had a F&D A520 which suddenly stopped so i...
  20. W

    Upgrading my xps m1330 and need powerful laptop under 5 lbs

    I currently have an xps m1330 laptop that I started using for travel but has become my main computer. I am ready to upgrade it and am looking for a machine I can travel with. My two most important considerations are: --weight, not counting power adapter, less than 5 pounds. less than 4.5...
  21. S

    Find box in xps viewer source code

    Hello, I need some help,Please help me I wanna know haw "find box" works in xps viewer. I'll appreciate your graciousness,if you tell me its code Thanks alot.
  22. K

    M14x VS XPS17

    Hey folks, I'm hoping for some advise on my laptop purchase. The main reasons for the purchase of a laptop is Gaming and the 'normal' things like internet browsing and using office and stuff. No heavy editing for that matter. Games I'm looking to play are: Diablo 3, WoW and possibly some...
  23. Thisispiggy

    Sell Dell XPS 15 to buy Asus UX31?

    Hi everyone, I've been thinking about my Dell XPS 15 to buy Asus UX31. I'm a college student who usually uses my laptop for surfing, photoshop/lightroom/dreamweaver. Here's the specs for my XPS 15: Intel Core i7 Quadcore @ 2.00GHz 6.00 GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 665MHz 733GB Western Digital WDC...
  24. Anraleth

    XPS M1730 clicking issues

    First, apologies for any caps. The infuriating state of my HID drivers causes me to be only able to type with caps lock on to get lower case. the issue is: any program i use with any sort of windows interface acts like i'm trying to spam click the file button of the program toolbar. i think it...
  25. Dell-LornaM

    Dell Proactive Solutions: Maximizing XPS13 Battery Life

    Maximizing Battery Life on Dell's XPS 13 Ultrabook and beyond: http://del.ly/6010rK3p
  26. I

    Which is better Inspiron 14r or xps 14z

    I'm confused between Dell Inspiron 14r and Dell XPS 14z, which one is better concerning performance
  27. Salt-City_Slasher

    Is there anything better than these laptops for the price?

    First: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834200303 Second http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834230132 The XPS 17 at Newegg is 899$ right now, comes with 1080 and Blu-Ray, which usually costs 250$ with those options. I thought it was my best possible...
  28. J

    Change hdd to ssd XPS 1645

    I am looking to change my hdd to a ssd for my xps 1645. I plan to leave the optical drive. has anyone done that, have a link to step by step or vid? thanks!
  29. P

    Xps l502x standard keyboard photos

    Help me.... Please any one can upload XPS L502X Standard Keyboard (English) Photos i have to purchase this laptop ....... i was search google but no photo ........ on net available photo is XPS L502X Backlit Keyboard ..... Please HELP !
  30. C

    How to properly clean my XPS m1710

    I've had my XPS m1710 for the past 4 years, best investment I have made to this day. I sense that maybe my graphics card fan and others has some dust build up from all the traveling we have done. I was looking through the manual for replacing parts, but I couldn't pin point a section on removing...
  31. G

    Rs 60000 Laptop

    Can anyone suggest me a good gaming laptop for Rupees 60,000. Thank You! :-) (I was lookin at the XPS 15)
  32. P

    I don't see why this M14X is better than this XPS 17

    This is the XPS 17 This is the M14X I confirmed with a Dell representative that the XPS 17 has 6mb cache, ram is running at 1333 mhz and the graphics memory is DDR5 NOT DDR3. So why is the price tag the same? Edit: the official reply I got from the Dell representative is the Alienware is...
  33. A

    Replace XPS lid/keyboard setting

    Hey. So, I'm looking into getting an XPS from Dell. But I HATE the lid and the silvery plate around the keyboard. Was wondering if there's anyway to replace the lid with an Inspiron or just anything. Wanting a flat black matte one. Not the fancy B.S. ones they're trying to sell with their...
  34. T

    I have a xps dell laptop all lights are on but screen wont come on what can i do

    i think the computer got locked. how do i unlock it?
  35. C

    When I switch on my XPS 1330 it goes through the normal startup routine but the

    When I switch on my XPS 1330 it goes through the normal routine with password etc but the screen goes to black at the end of the routine
  36. H


    hai sir my lap xps l502x model adobe cs5 is not working do u have any solution...
  37. H

    Solved! XPS 15 L501X CPU/GPU Temperature

    Hello, I have an XPS 15 L501X. CPU: Intel i7 740QM (first generation i7) GPU: Nvidia 435M GT RAM: 6 GB OS: Windows 7 64-bit Idle temperatures: CPU (high 50s), GPU (high 50s) Load temperatures while playing Starcraft 2: CPU (mid 80s), GPU (low 90s) Are these temperatures too high? I am also...
  38. G

    9 Reasons the XPS 15z Trumps the MacBook Pro

    Is Dell's latest aluminum beauty potent enough to take down a MacBook Pro? 9 Reasons the XPS 15z Trumps the MacBook Pro : Read more
  39. K

    L702X Dell, and Video Editing

    Hello, I ordered my wife an XPS 17, and due to some confusion on the phone with Dell, wound up inadvertently ordering an XPS 17 instead of the XPS 17 3D. I only learned today (item not yet shipped) that the XPS 17 3D has four DIMM slots, rather than the two in the unit I wound up getting her...
  40. O

    Refurbished Dell XPS 17

    I'm looking at http://www.dell.com/us/dfh/p/laptops Does anyone have experiences with refurbished Dell laptops? - do they last just as long as a new customized XPS? What warranty should I get?: XPS 17-L702X: 1 Yr Ltd Hardware Warranty, In-Home Service after Remote Diagnosis (Included In...
  41. C

    Solved! 2620m

    Hello, is the delli7 xps 15 2.70, 2620m the second generation?
  42. speedy1994

    New Xps 15 vs Lenovo y560p

    Hey , i m 17 yr old teen n live in new delhi..... About to buy a laptop..... Rs65k budget...... (actualy i had decided to buy y560p ,regardin. ma last discussion at tomsharware ; but dell introduced SB in thr Xps series , so im confused again.... Confused between these - Lenovo Y560p - 6GB...
  43. R

    Solved! When did dell xps m1730 was introduced in the market

    Just wanted to know when dell introduced the xps m1730 notebook to the market. Thank you, Jose
  44. N

    How recover factory setting the dellxps m1530 i had tried f8 but forgot the user

    how to recover xps m1530....and i dont know what to type at usename and passwaord afrter pressing f8 i have tried so many still dont match it
  45. B

    Solved! Help deciding on an XPS 15

    So I have been in the market for a new laptop for the past couple of weeks, doing my research, and I have decided that the best one for me is definitely going to be the XPS15, since I've heard the XPS 17's have a lot of heating issues and aren't really worth it at the moment. My question to the...
  46. Maziar

    "Almost" all manufactures update their notebook lineups

    Dell updated their XPS 15 and XPS 17 laptops.(XPS 14 to follow soon) and the new M17x is now available for ordering XPS 15 Sandy bridge CPUs 15.6" HD/Full HD B+RGLED displays 6GB RAM Nvidia GT 525/550M Starts from $1049,99 Source: Dell.com XPS 17 Sandy bridge CPUs 17" HD/Full HD/Full HD 3D...
  47. W

    Inspiron 14R (N4010) Vs XPS L401X

    Please help me choose from two: Both having intel i3-380m processor 2.53ghz, windows home premium 64 bit Difference lies (INSPION Vs XPS) : 1) 4GB (2 X 2 GB) 2 DIMM DDR3 1333Mhz Vs 4GB 1333MHz DDR3 SDRAM (1 x 4GB) 2) ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD 550v - 1GB (India) Vs 1GB NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 420M...
  48. W

    Inspiron 14R (N4010) Vs XPS L401X

    Please help me choose from two: Both having intel i3-380m processor 2.53ghz, windows home premium 64 bit Difference lies (INSPION Vs XPS) : 1) 4GB (2 X 2 GB) 2 DIMM DDR3 1333Mhz Vs 4GB 1333MHz DDR3 SDRAM (1 x 4GB) 2) ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD 550v - 1GB (India) Vs 1GB NVIDIA® GeForce® GT...
  49. K

    XPS 14 or m11x: Heat output?

    Dell is going to replace my Studio 1458 but haven't called me to let me know which laptop they can offer me yet (all I know is it will be a new laptop). Looking at their line up the only two (that i know of) that match or exceed my current specs are the XPS 14 and Alienware m11x. Spec wise I...
  50. Salt-City_Slasher

    Solved! Current XPS 15, good or bad idea?

    I own a XPS M1210 and it was very nice back in its time, but it had terrible problems with battery and same with the wifi. From what I have gathered the new XPS 15's used the same idea from the old ones like mine, but amped them to compete with ENVY and LacBook Pro's. Then Dell's chat team told...
  51. S

    Solved! Dell inspiron vs xps Laptop difference

    Can any one suggest me in DELL Laptop which one is best in the below list. Inspiron,Studio,XPS
  52. C

    Solved! M11x v.s. XPS 14

    Im not at home as often so im considering buying one of the following to game a bit while out of home, either: XPS 14 NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 425M 2GB Intel® Core™ i7-740QM 4 gigs of ram (apprently you get 1300mhz with i7 cpus) 320 gig sat Or m11x Intel® Core™ i7 640UM 1GB NVIDIA® GeForce® GT...
  53. S

    Solved! Nex Dell XPS Line of laptops

    So just when I was ready to pull the trigger on a new laptop gaming/general use laptop Dell comes out with a new XPS line. They have the XPS 15 Stainless finish JBL speakers Nvidia 420M 7200 RPM drives all standard Upgrades allow 435M 2GB for $100.00 Starts at 849.00 ...
  54. G

    Studio 1558 w/ i7 - 720 or xps 16 i5 - 520

    Hello, I'm trying to choose between Dell Studio 1558 w/ i7-720 and 1GB ATI HD 5470 vs. XPS 16 i5-520 w/ 1GB ATI HD 4670. I'm going to use for Trading stocks, so I have graphs I'll be looking at. Also, for watching movies, maybe a little photo editing and some games, but mainly for graphing...
  55. R

    Sd card stuck in xps m1330

    Hello, could not pull out the dummy sd card from slot in XPS 1330.
  56. T

    Solved! XPS Studio 16 - A Hot Tamale?

    Hey everyone, So I recently purchased the XPS Studio 16 laptop from Dell. I primarily got this machine for school, listening to music, and watching movies. Having said that, I do like to game. I wouldn't consider myself an extreme gamer, but I do like to play for a couple hours at a time...
  57. G

    Solved! XPS 16

    Hello, Iam looking to buy XPS 16 for installing vmware esx and 4 or 5 virtual OS. Will this laptop be worth and will it take the load. Any one pls advise.
  58. J

    Solved! Latest XPS Studio 16

    So hopefully I have searched enough to justify the question..... :ange: My question is on the ability to play mid-range games and do my normal enginnering work (presentations, spreadsheets etc) on the following XPS Studio 16 Intel i7-720QM 4 Gig Ram Ati Radeon Mobility 5730 1 gig (have not...
  59. S

    Will Dell XPS M1530 support 5 1 speakers?

    Can I connect a 5.1 or 7.1 speaker system to my XPS M1530? or Do I need a sound card to connect 5.1 / 7.1 speaker system to my XPS M1530? I'm planning to buy Creative GigaWorks G550w (5.1) or GigaWorks S750 (7.1) speaker system. Can I connect these speakers directly to my XPS M1530 laptop...