Question Acer Aspire E5 576 Laptop - screen black, powers on for brief moments

Sep 4, 2019
Hello, all.

My laptop powers on in one of two ways during each boot attempt: either the keyboard backlight and blue power icon will only flash for half a second; or the keyboard and blue icon will remain on for 10 seconds, with the fan only remaining on very briefly.
In each instance the screen always remains black.

This machine only had a one-year warranty, and it is now several months older than that. I called Acer support regardless, and after a couple basic buttons presses which yielded nothing, they suggested that I just send it in for repairs. But that was too expensive for me.

I have tried the following suggestions from similar problems that I came across on the internet:

  1. Reset the battery using the pinhole on the bottom of case.
  2. removed battery and ac adapter, held down power button for 2 minutes.
  3. removed RAM stick and tried a different slot. After failed attempt I re-inserted back to the original slot to make another attempt.
I plan on calling local technicians, but before I do, are there any other options I could attempt on my own?

I appreciate any and all help that may come my way. Thank you.
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