Acer laptops with ''weird'' keyboards


Nov 1, 2012
Hi there.

I'm planning to buy an Aspire E1-571, but one thing is not clear to me - apparently, there are some Acer models with HP-like keyboard layouts.

Unlike Acer's "normal" layout keyboards (where a character is placed in the top-left corner of a key), these weird ones have their characters centered (like on HP laptops).

But that's not the main issue here. They also have their F1-F12 keys swapped with Fn-key controls, so to use F5, you have to press Fn+F5. Also, Home/End/PgUp/PgDn keys are moved down to the arrow keys and triggered by Fn-key combination!

This is not some third-party keyboard, it is displayed in Acer's own service manual too. A "normal" Acer keyboard has volume and brightness controls on the arrow keys, either in white or blue color. The "weird" Acer keyboard has Home/End/PgUp/PgDn on the arrow keys.

So, do you have an Acer laptop with such keyboard? If so, please tell me the laptop's exact model number, and what localization (language) your keyboard uses - that is, in which country you bought your laptop.

Many thanks!

Normal keyboard:

Weird keyboard:


Feb 7, 2014
I'm not sure if you still trying to find out about the "weird keyboard", but that looks to be a gateway keyboard. Acer and Gateway share the same parts (including motherboards, down to the same exact oe part number), but the keyboard layouts are different. A bios update will not correct the keyboard shortcuts, and the only fix I have found is to order the proper keyboard for the system. If you would like to find out which gateway this keyboard has come from, look for the motherboard part number under the RAM, located under the service cover on the bottom of the system. There will be a string of numbers such as mbcf1711001ETCETCETC. Take the first 10 digits of that number and format like this "mb.cf1711.001" and do a search with that number and "gateway" (ie mb.cf1711.001 gateway).

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