Activating DVD home theatre system (Sony) to HDMI surround sound capabilities


Jan 5, 2014
I have a Sony DVD home theatre system and am trying to connect the surround sound so We can watch the Playoff football games :). The home theatre system is HDMI, has Wi-Fi capabilities and doesn't physically need to be connected to the t.v. (e.g. Via RCA cords or speaker cables) so am wondering how I activate the surround sound? Surround sound plays while using Blue-Ray but not while watching regular t.v.
Are you saying that there is NO HDMI cable from the Sony to the TV? I am guessing there is but either way I think you will need to connect an optical digital audio cable from the TV to the Sony to get sound from the TV. The other option if there IS an HDMI cable between the Sony and the TV then if both have Audio Return Channel (ARC) and you have used an HDMI cable which supports this you will have to activate it on both the Sony and TV. Only one HDMI input on the TV will support this. Should be marked.
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