Asus laptop starts up, black screen after that and cannot access the BIOS


Oct 5, 2015
Hey, I got an asus g75vw laptop.
I purchased an SSD a few days ago, my laptop now uses both the SSD and HDD, today it started up fine i however got a message from smartscreen? windows 10 saying my drive needed to be checked or something, well it checked the drives after that i got a blue screen which said: select your keyboard language, i selected VN international upon which it didn't respond, i just pressed the power button off to shut it off that way since i had to leave quickly, after i came back a few hours later that's when it didn't work anymore.

This happens when i click the power button:
These lights come on: power, the lock? button and the HDD light, however this one turns off after 5~ seconds.
My screen is black for the entire duration, no logo no nothing, i can't go into BIOS either.

What i've tried:
- Removing the HDD and SSD multiple times, starting up with only the HDD only the SSD with both etc
- Turning all the power off, removed the battery and charger, pressing it down for 60 seconds and restarting with only the charger back plugged in, i did this for 4~ times.
- I tried removing the battery for an hour or so and nothing.
- I removed everything, battery ssd hdd and let it stay for an hour, also nothing
- I tried using an external monitor but you can already guess, nothing

If anyone got any tips on how to fix this that'll be awesome!

You've done pretty much most of the possible troubleshooting steps.
- Start by putting back the original setting of your laptop.
- Next is to reset BIOS to default, remove the CMOS battery for couple of seconds the put it back in.
- Boot the laptop after doing 2nd step and see if it will boot up.
- Lastly, try another AC adapter that has the same voltage because it may just be a faulty charger.
- If these will not work I would suggest contacting Asus support if it's still under the factory warranty for a repair.


Dec 14, 2015
Try pressing F1 while switch on , this results to a request for windows CD start up process then you can follow steps to install windows again or maybe repair that . but it seems only installing is a solution .


Jan 3, 2016
Hi, I had a similar problem with an Asus A55V. Totally black screen, just some leds on, cd and HDD move for 1 or 2 seconds, but black screen, no bios or so. Tried 3 days all kind of solutions like ram out, cmos battery out (actually was totally empty, might have caused the problem in the first place), replaced the CMOS battery (2032 button battery) but no success. Tried several key combinations until I got to this one I found on the web:
Remove battery and power cord and hold power button for about 1/2 minute.\
Plug power cord back in, but not battery
press F4, CTRL+HOME and hold while pressing power button for 1 second, let go and wait!!! after about 20 seconds I got a blue screen to recover the flash.
first it wanted me to insert the battery> done
then press any key
The it said:
flash is removed (Bar moves from 0 to 100%)
flash is programmed (new bar moves from 0 -100%)
flash is checked, turns bar pink/purple and message: turn of after 2 seconds (I was so confused I waited about 5 seconds, still worked). After that the computer booted normal again.

See below: You might need a recovery DVD in the drive if you don't have a recovery partition on HDD.


Jan 3, 2016
Just in addition to my post above: If you don't have a recovery partition on your hard drive or are not sure, you should have a recovery DVD/CD in the drive it said on the Web. I did not need it as the HDD was fine and had the recovery partition, but some Laptops don't have that, especially if you changed the HDD yourself at some point.
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