ASUS Laptop will not charge unless tilted or pressure is applied to the charger.


Mar 19, 2016
Here is some information regarding;
I have tried taking out the battery, ect. No luck,
It does not feel loose or wobble in the charging plug, but pressure or tilt must be applied to the plug in order for it to charge. Under certain times when plugged in will it flash it's little Amber light and I have no idea what it means. It charges quickly but looses the charge almost faster, and I have tried all the battery saving options available on the computer, and under both battery settings in the control pannel, there is "nothing wrong, working properly". This computer has to be 2-3 years old now and it was recently fixed because we bought a new battery. However it was dormat for over about 200 days now I think it is? It turns on and can make strange disc sounds when charging. AND the charger knob thing can get EXTREMELY hot to the point where it cannot charge the computer and it has given me a burn.
Hi, the problem is the DC jack, look inside the jack to see if you have some dirt inside, also clean the adapter plug, if the problem persists, then you need a new jack.