ASUS Laptop won't start after factory reset

Sep 17, 2018
I factory reset my laptop after my son hijacked it and downloaded a bunch of games. It seemed to be going fine but when it was finished it shut off and when I turn it on the logo appears on a black screen with the spinning circle and it won't do anything else. I read a million different threads and the common answer seems to be turn it on and off until the automatic repair screen comes up... Well I've turned it on and off 100 times and I think it's safe to say that isn't going to work. Please help!


Aug 20, 2018
Since the Automatic Repair Screen is not available for use on your laptop, the only way to regain the functions is by performing a clean Windows Installation. This requires a USB Drive 8GB or higher to download the required media. The process is as follows.

1. Open from a web browser on a computer.
2. Connect the USB drive to the computer and click on the Download option on the web browser to get the Media Creation Tool for Windows 10.
3. Double click on the downloaded tool and choose, Create installation media for another PC option.
4. Opt for the required language, optimum edition, and architecture of the operating system to be installed according to your laptop’s configuration.
5. Select the USB flash drive as the media to create the tool.
6. Choose inserted drive from the list of available drives and click the Next option.
7. Wait until the process is completed and click on the Finish button to exit the tool creation application.
8. Insert the USB drive into your laptop and restart it. On boot, press any key to see the Boot from USB option.
9. Go by the visual guidelines on every prompt to perform a clean install into the laptop.
10. You will require to enter the license key as a part of the process. If you are not aware of the key, the Activate Later option can be chosen.

Complete the installation and restart the laptop. This will bring your device back to normalcy.



-Get a 8GB or larger USB flash drive.
-Head to Microsoft website and click the Download the tool now button.
-insert the USB flash drive (all content on the drive will be delete), run the tool and agree to the license terms.
-Select Create installation media for another PC.
-Select the language, Windows 10 edition (home or pro depending on the version you laptop had) and. 64-bit .
-After the installation media is created, plug it into the laptop and boot from it. Your laptop my required you to press a key ( F2, F12, Delete, or Esc) to boot from the USB.
-If you see an activate screen, click “I don’t have a product key”.
-On the type of installation, select “Custom”
-When you get to the Where do you want to install Windows? You will see several partitions, you could select each one and click delete and let Windows 10 install in the unallocated space (deleting partition will remove all disk content).
-Installation will start. After you log the cleanly installed Windows 10, it will automatically activate itself. Allow Windows to install neccessary drivers and updates for your laptop hardware.

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