Asus N56VZ Laptop screen won’t turn on, after pressing Power button.

May 21, 2018
Hi, I have an ASUS N56VZ laptop around 6 years old and it is not booting, I think (not sure what the problem is called). So when I press the Power button, the fans turn on, the hard drive light indicator is on and blinking, power light stays on and no blink, caps lock does not function, mouse does not light up when usb cable is plugged in, the screen does not turn on.

This has happened before and I waited around 10+ hours until the screen finally turned on and the ASUS logo showed up. NOW, I have tried letting it run for more than a day with no luck. Turning it on and off, letting the battery run out and turning it back on, remove battery and turn on...

—I have tried the hard reboot method - remove battery, press and hold Power button for 20s/60s, then press Power again. No use.

—I have tried plugging an external monitor, but there was no signal.

—I have no idea how to take out the RAM or Hard drive or Motherboard or any internal parts, so didn’t try those methods.

—I didn’t damage the screen at all, no drops, no cracks, no color issues.

—AC Adaptor is working fine, as it charges the battery after I let it run out when unplugged.

What should I do before, last resort, find ASUS maintainence?

P.s. Before all this happened, whenever I put my laptop to sleep, either open or close lid, after a while it will auto shut down, and I dont want to wait for it to start up. Hence to fight this problem, I just logout and leave it on, especially through the night, so I don’t shut it down and can resume work right away in the morning. Was this a reason for the current problem?

Thanks in advance.


Most likely thing is a motherboard issue. Cheaper to test with different RAM though and a new hard drive. A 6 year laptop it's not really worth paying for someone to replace the motherboard. You can likely buy a full working system, same model, and stick your hard drive in that one, no data loss.
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