asus windows 10 webcam not working


Jul 26, 2016
ok so i am using asus rog gl552vw windows 10. and the first day i open this thing called life frame and i see my face for a second and then everything goes dark. webcam stops working on it's own. so i googled all kinds of stuff and then i did what i thought i was supposed to do. go to device manager and uninstall whatever the thing under imaging devices was. and then i tried installing relatek card reader or something. now i'm REALLY lost as to what to do. help. please. don't make me contact the asus people. they ask a lot of questions that would require me to read the papers that came with the laptop.
If this is a new laptop, which it sounds like it is, and it is already acting like this, you really do need to call the manufacturer. I know, not what you wanted to hear, but it is better to contact them, and possibly have them repair or replace it, than to try and make changes/repairs on your own and possibly damage it further (and void the warranty as well).


Jan 7, 2017
OK here it is and its a bit weird. You might also find a USB 2.0 Driver (even if webcam is built in) is missing or has the ! against it.

Open Device Manager

Note it may not show in device manager under USB but under Other - Other Unknown Devices. On my Laptop it is almost always the Intel 1C25 driver that either gets updated, incorrectly or just goes walkabout. There will be NO imaging devices shown at all.

On the item with the ! right click and select Properties.

Select Driver
Update Driver - DO NOT search Update Driver Manually.
DO NOT Select the Intel driver it does not work use the Win10 Driver.

Then OK et al.

Now your Imaging Device(s) should be back and the Webcam working. Beats me why it has some connection to USB drivers, especially when the cam is built in but it does.....