Asus X53S Intermittent Black Screen on B


Oct 16, 2016
Hi guys,

Hope you can be of more help than the official ASUS "techies".

I've had the laptop just over 4 years and it's generally been stable, currently have windows 10 home as main os.

Last few months I'd noticed that on fresh boot it would often switch off, no blue screen, straight off about 5 mins after desktop displayed.

Last week went to turn on laptop, fans turn on, normal sounds heard just zilch on screen. No backlight, nothing. Tried on a separate monitor still nothing. Caps lock and num lock unresponsive at this stage.

Tried alternating the RAM I had in (2x8gb) sticks. Tried without any ram, still nothing.

Removed HDD to eliminate this.

Also tried taking out battery and holding the power button to eliminate residual power many times. Still no joy.

What is strange though is that one time the screen did come on, bootmgr corrupt mash shown. Restarted again, again black screen.

Took into Asus repair store (I live in Taipei) and have it to them. They said it was bad RAM stick.

Ok, so I tried a known working stick in both slots no change.

I then put back in the so called "bad RAM" and have kept trying rebooting and trying. I'd say in 10 times the screen does boot, goes past BIOS then looks for os (obviously none found as I removed HDD).

However this is so intermittent it's ridiculous, seems to work totally randomly and past several attempts have also been unsuccessful.

This is where im at at the moment. Thinking to call it a day and write it off as bad mobo but wanted a second opinion from my symptoms from people I can trust!

Sorry for the long boring story but wanted to get it all across!

Any replies and suggestions much appreciated!