ASUS X556U - Very loud fan and weird noise


May 29, 2016

I just bought a new Asus X556U and the fan is very loud in idle. It is constant at around 2000-2300 RPM and the temps of the CPU are around 30-35. I tried slowing it down with SpeedFan software but did not work. And it also makes kind of weird rattling noise. I had many laptops before and I really don't know if I should worry, but to me the fans spin too fast to be normal. It makes a very loud, annoying, unbearable sound. I never heard a laptop make so much noise on idle.
I am worried about something being broken. But I'm not shure about it, maybe it is how it supposed to be, maybe the fans speen normal. I really need to figure it out so I know if I should return it or not.

I also recorded a short video so you can hear it:

Thank you.