Question Asus ZenBook UX302LG Restarts when sleeping/suspend

Sep 2, 2020

I have an Asus ZenBook UX302LG that has been gradually giving me trouble over the past year with its sleep/suspend/hibernate. It started out as every now and then, and has gotten worse to the point that it will no longer sleep.

What happens now, is if I tell it to sleep (even after just booting up), everything appears fine, but when I go to wake it up (even if its mere seconds later), the laptop will boot up as if I turned it off. Right back to the POST and bios startup everything.

I've recently
  • Reinstalled and updated drivers
  • Reloaded windows 10
  • Flashed the bios
  • Installed linux (ubuntu)
And the problem persists. I think I've ruled out that its not a driver or software/os issue. I'm leaning towards a hardware failure now. Could a bas CMOS battery be causing this? Could there be an issue on the motherboard that could be fixed (broken solder / loose connection ?) Anyone able to shed some light on what I can look at here? I'd hate to throw this laptop away for a silly issue like this.