Aux + Bluetooth = two different inputs for Headset


Oct 11, 2015
Hello everyone. I just ordered a pair of SoundBot 250 Headset. They can use an aux cable or bluetooth. I tend to use Skype on my macbook pro because I currently don't have a mic for my PC. I was curious as to if I could use the aux cable from the macbook to the headset, and use the Bluetooth connection for the PC. Best case scenario I can use a Bluetooth connection from both my Mac and PC. I've read that it wouldn't work. I'm guessing the only real way to find out if using aux + bluetooth for 2 inputs works is to test it once they arrive. But does anyone know the definite answer? Thanks.
Do you want to be connected simultaneously to both Mac and PC?
Over Bluetooth: Usually, a headset can be paired to more than one "source", so you should be able to pair it to both the Mac and the PC, and whoever grabs it first will rule it.