AV reciever with passive speakers

Oct 6, 2018
I want to buy an AV reciever/amp attached to two decent bookshelf/floorstanding passive speakers. AV reciever/amp should be capable of optical/hdmi arc inputs so that I can use the audio output from my tv (using optical/hdmi arc cables) as well as from my mobile (using headphone aux cable). I know there is one Yamaha yht1840 (without DVD) with 5.1 speakers at the price around GBP 249.


I prefer bookshelf/floorstanding speakers to the 5.1 speakers as I don't like subwoofers (it is entirely my personal preference though). Also It is ok, if the reciever/amp is not capable of sorround sound.

It would be helpful if anybody is aware of any such AV reciever/amp with passive bookshelf/floorstanding speakers within GBP150-250 price range.

Thanks for your suggestions.
What you ask is pretty standard, should find more than a few choices of your liking. No salesmen here, so not pushing any particular make/model.

U won't find any stereo (not surround) with HDMI, HDMI immediately suggests video/surround, but as long as your TV has optical, stereo with optical is available.
The system you link to isn't bad for the price but isn't exactly what you want.
You really want an integrated amp with optical audio input. HDMI-ARC has no advantage in this case and you are limited to AVRs to use it. You will be spending your money on a lot of features and amp channels you don't want or need instead of sound quality.
With your budget it doesn't leave a huge amount for the speakers. If a used pair is OK with you that would be my suggestion. A dealer may be able to make a package for you with new or trade ins.