Battery Percentage Not Accurate on Windows 10?


Jun 13, 2017
Laptop: Gigabyte Aero 14 965M, using Windows 10 Insider Preview 16215

I am having a power problem. It started just Sunday. My laptop (bought it only like 11-12 months ago) does not show discharging or charging. For example, on Sunday, I used the laptop for several hours after I fully charged it. The battery percentage displayed stayed at 100%. Only when I plugged in the charger did the battery percentage update to show the true percentage (which was 35%). However, once I kept the charger plugged in, even for half an hour, the percentage didn't increase. For example, after I plugged the laptop in, the battery stayed at 35%. When I removed the charger, the percentage updated to about 60%. I have also found the computer only reports the correct battery right after getting out of sleep. I am confused as to why this is happening. Again, it only started recently. I tried running the Windows power troubleshooter, but it did not help. I tried uninstalling/reinstalling the ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery driver in Device Manager, as well as the AC Manager driver, also didn't help. I downloaded Battery Bar, and that too reports the same percentage as Windows. I opened a ticket with Gigabyte, but seeing I'm a student and this is my work laptop, I really would prefer not to send it in to them to fix, since I need this laptop. I mean, it works fine, the battery percentage displayed is just out of whack! Tried discharging it till it died, didn't help. Updated all my drivers and BIOS to their latest version, also reset the BIOS. My battery life seems roughly the same. No clue what's up. Any help appreciated.


Most likely that the battery is starting to die so it displays the wrong percentage. Happened with my laptop. You could try and replace the battery if you can. Or you could try with a different charger to see if that helps.


Jun 13, 2017

Thanks! The battery is totally fine otherwise, I get good battery life. And not sure it's the charger, otherwise the issue would go away when not plugged in. You had the exact same problem?
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