Battery Wont Charge Past 65%


Aug 12, 2013
New 9 Cell Battery will not charge past 65% on Dell Latitude E5510. Old original smaller capacity battery does charge to 100% and will power the laptop on battery only power. When I install the new 9 Cell battery, the meter reads "65% Available (Plugged in, Charging)". The battery indicator lights on the bottom displays 4 out of 5 lights. However, even with all of this, with the new 9 cell battery in, if I unplug the AC cable, the computer dies immediately. I have flashed to most recent BIOS. I have tried the process of uninstalling the battery driver searching for new hardware and reinstalling the driver. I have even tried a cold restart by removing battery and holding power button 1 minute before restarting. Anything else I should try before returning new battery?