Best Gaming Headset w/Mic


Jun 26, 2011
Hello, I am looking for what would be the best gaming headset for me to get. I am looking for sound and microphone quality above all, with a price limit of $250. Thanks guys.


Feb 19, 2012

so far from what I can see, your best bet would be the turtle beach PX5. I have done a lot of research on them before I finally decided to purchase them. Looking at all the customer reviews they win my vote hands down. The have bluetooth, can be used with the xbox, PS3, and computer also your cellphone. I bought a pair of refurbished ones for 135 on eBay, when they are going for about 205 brand new. Check out all the reviews and tell me what you think.


Mar 23, 2009
I don't think you can go wrong with the Sennheiser PC350 or 360s - they're great for sound quality but I personally own Astro A40's. SQ and mic are great and just important to me was comfort (especially for long sessions). I owned a pair of HD 280 Pros but found them to be too tight for long sessions of gaming - I'd always be adjusting and getting headaches. My Astros are about 2 years old now and I recently updated the ear cups and mic; they sell replacements which is great. Senns will likely have more bass...

Good luck!


Mar 13, 2011
there are plenty of good options out there. razers newer headsets are more robust than there older 1s (orcha and charachas are known to be physically weak and dont stand up to dropping very well)... so check em out as they do sound very reasonable. they are a little pricey though but there higher end offerings are good.

logitech make some decent headsets with the g35 and g930(wirleless) topping the quality range, stenhiser 555 or 558 are great and have proven history of being a quality headset maker. like i say there is a pretty good selection out there now.

dont even consider turtlebeach they are pretty much console orientated and as such offer lower quality at higher prices (sorry bigdaddy i cant agree as the set i borrowed were pants)...
also stay away from skullcandy and anything else that looks like they are designed for a techno disco...

if you were gonna look at headphones and not just headsets then i would suggest you look at the technica range... some very nice sound quality can be had but you will not get a mic...

but just remember what ever you end up with they will all depend on the quality of sound your pc can deliver. soundcards tend to be better shielded so will minimize or get rid of altogether any bleeding or interference that you would get from onboard sound...

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