Best tablet for my 10 year old kids?


Nov 24, 2014
I'm not to shabby when it comes to computer specs but when it comes to tablet specs im at a lost for words. Every android tablet I ever bought was always laggy and slow. They're going to want to use YouTube on it along with most mainstream app store games.

I was looking at the Samsung 7 Galaxy Tab A and the reviews are great. No complaints about being slow and laggy and even the video reviews praise it up. Should this be the one I go for? I used to have a hipstreet with similar specs and it was GARBAGE.

Also, what's the difference between the Samsung Galaxy Tab A and E Lite? They seem to have the same specs but the price difference is crazy.

Please help me out! lol


Regarding the difference between the Tab A and the Tab E Lite, the key word is 'Lite'.

The Lite is essentially a kid's toy, not meant to be used like a 'regular' device. This is borne out by significantly lesser specifications, e.g. vastly reduced battery life (70 hours of music on a 3600mAh battery in the Lite compared to 178 hours of music on a 6000mAh in the Tab A). Storage is 8GBs in the Lite, where the Tab A offers double that.

The Tab A runs on Android 5.0 where the Lite uses Android 4.4, so all in all: There are clear reasons for the difference in price.