Black Screen with cursor.


Dec 19, 2015
Okay I've been trying to find a solution for over 12 hours and I really need help on this. Yesterday I took my ASUS laptop and I cleared everything and it went to a login screen after everything was done installing and for some odd reason it wasn't letting me login I typed in the right password and it wouldn't let me log in so I shut it down and restarted it and it went to a screen that said "Hi there" and you type in some information such as keyboard language and country and stuff like that. After finishing it I clicked express settings and then as it kept saying"Just a moment", it went to the black screen with the cursor on it. I spoke to people on ASUS and they didn't help. They said to send it to them and I read reviews on their RMA recovery and it sucks big time. I tried advance settings and safe mode but nothing works. It keeps going to the hi there screen and then the black screen with the cursor and its finally winter break and I just want my laptop fixed. I'm tired and annoyed. PLEASE HELP ME!!!