Bluetooth mouse problem with Asus X555LB-NS51


Aug 2, 2015
My wife recently got a new Asus X555LB-NS51 laptop and everything works wonderful except her Microsoft 3500 wireless mouse won't work with it. That mouse is one that uses a transceiver that plugs into a USB port. At first we thought we mouse it failed so we bought a new one and it has the same problem. I tried everything I can think of for troubleshooting and haven't made any progress. I've tried turning off the internal Bluetooth transmitters on the laptop figured there was a conflict and that didn't help any at all. I've downloaded the MS mouse software even though I shouldn't need it and it didn't help. We know the USB port works because we can plug in a wired mouse to it and it worked fine. We've also tried the wireless transceiver in the other USB ports just to be sure.

Does anybody have any ideas why this isn't working?