Broadcast issues


Mar 4, 2012

I'm a radio pirate, I transmit music over the FM, where I live it's commonly accepted and it's not wierd to be a pirate, there are of course laws against pirates but we ignore the laws.
We are quite professional when it comes to the broadcast itself, we haven't got all the money in the world to have all the equipment the commercial radio stations have but we get along in terms of sound quality and power.
As sound processing we use Breakaway Broadcast ASIO, this requires a 192khz sound card which we have.
For the stereo/RDS we've got Airomate as we haven't been able to purchase any stand alones yet.
Now the problem is that we have 3 PCs running at once, one for the music (We play our music mostly from turntables but when we can't find a particular song we look it up in the PC), one for the sound processing and one for the stereo/RDS.
We want 1 PC to do it all if that's possible.
The sound processing requires 2 RCA cables in and 2 out, Airomate requires 1 jack in and 1 RCA out and the sound may be either 2 RCA or 1 jack.
Is this possible? What CPU / RAM should I use for optimal performance and quality?
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