Browser tries to download websites instead of display them


May 24, 2009
Hello all, this problem has been giving me a headache for some time now, and I have no idea how it started. It seemed to pop up out of the blue.

Basically, what happens is my browsers continue to try and download websites instead of display them. For instance, I go to and it prompts me to download google.html and my only options are "Save", or "Cancel". Clicking either one does nothing but make the prompt disappear and a blank page to be displayed.

At first, I thought it was a Firefox problem because it happened after a Firefox update ( I think ), then I tried to play World of Warcraft. When I ran the WoW launcher it prompted me to download the HTML file that displays the most recent news and updates on the main launcher screen.

Since I figured it was Firefox that screwed up some setting, I uninstalled it. When I went to IE to redownload Firefox, now IE was screwed up. It was now prompting me to download instead of display it.

So yeah, any application that accesses the Internet attempts to download instead of display websites. Ran AVG and found nothing, ran SpyBot and found nothing, ran another antimalware program and found nothing.

I am on my macbook now, so that is why I can post this. But the computer that is having the problem is a PC with Windows XP installed. Let me know if any other info is need.


May 26, 2009
Hello! I have a similar problem: Firefox for the first time, and then Safari,
want to download html pages of my site on iDisk instead of display it.
This happen when I refresh a back page, because when Address directly it
doesn't happen. But only with pages in HTML 4.

I have controlled with W3C Validator: it lists errors like Content type ad others that I don't find in the html source code.

MacOs 10.4.11, Safari 3, Firefox 3.
Internet Explorer 6 seems to work correctly.

I'm thinking it could a server intervention on the Header code, but I'm not
a specialist. Thanks
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