Buying a New Microphone . . . for Podcasts (?)


May 7, 2012
Hello, I was going to ask for a new video card for my birthday, but instead I think I will ask for a new microphone. I currently have SteelSeries Sibera V2s, which I love, however I'd like to get higher-end microphone, one of the reasons is that my microphone on my headset is oddly quiet. I think about sending it in every now and then, but I think it is too much of a hassle as I was thinking about getting a new microphone, anyway.

So I'm a gamer and I think I will start recording more videos with a voiceover and maybe even some podcasts! We'll have to see, but I'd like to know what a good, inexpensive microphone is.

I do not mind clip-on microphones at all, as long as they're not too fragile and they still have good sound quality. I also do not mind something that would sit on my desk. As long as it is not too expensive (around $100, maybe more, maybe less) in total for all things that need to be bought in order for it to function.

I was thinking about the Samson CO1U, seeing as it has a good price. That and even maybe the BlueMic Snowball. I don't really need a pop-filter, but if it fits in the price range, then perfect!

Also, the microphone will need to be hands-free, e.g. a clip-on or including a stand.

Thanks a lot! =)


Feb 28, 2012
I would suggest either of these microphones. The Yeti would be the simplest to set up as it is just one cable. The AT2020 on the other hand would require a Mixer that would in my opinion make your gaming setup look a little more flashy. The mixer would take up some space while the Yeti would take up little to no space.

Blue Yeti $93.44

AT2020 + Behringer 502 + Hosa CMP153 Y Cable 1/8 Inch TRS to Dual 1/4 Inch TS Cable - 3 Foot $114.98

Mixer won't be terribly complicated to use if you are a little tech savy.

TheSyndicateProject Uses the Blue Yeti and Tmartn Uses a AT2020 if you wanted to hear first hand what they sound like.