buying a used laptop ! deciding between 2 cpus .


Oct 24, 2016
hello wonderful community of toms hardware , its the first time to ask in one of the forms and hopfully wount be the last , long story short ,
i am buying a used laptop from a local (reliable) store and my tow options are hp g6 with an i3 processor or a latter version hp 655 with an amd E21800 @1.4 apu both with 4G of ram . and the pricess are near the i3 is very slightly more expensive .
my uses are multitasking stuff Internet browsing (multiple tabs ) . youtube at 480p and office word and iTunes at the back ground etc. no gaming ..
what would be better in terms of dependability and future programs ability
Thank u so much in advance .
The Core i3's performance (regardless of which generation it is) will dominate the AMD E21800.

Which exactly which Core i3 CPU model are you referring to and how much are you looking to spend on laptop?