Cable Tv Without the Cables


May 31, 2013
Hi I have a tv in my room and no way of running a cable from one room to another. I do however have an open cable line in another room. If there such a thing as wireless cable now? If so whats the best thing to use?
There is no such thing as "wireless cable". You could put a cable box in that room and send the output of the box to your TV. If you have HDMI then you would need a wireless HDMI transmitter and sender. Not cheap for HDMI but affordable for regular AV.

If you are using two different cable boxes, yes.

Or forget the cable connection on that TV and set it up with a computer for Hulu and such. I have 4 "TV" setups, only one is actually connected to the cable complany, rest are basically computers used for Netlix, Hulu Plus, YouTube, network media, etc...