California Silverado headphone's cable

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Jun 9, 2012
I've had a pair of California Silverado headphones for quite some time now but recently my the audio started to cut out of one ear and then the other because of the cable. Does anyone know where I can find a similar cable that will work? I need left and right audio that merges to one male.
photos of all connections on the headphone?

from what i can tell by the rather limited photos online, it looks like it has a 4pole connector on the side which connects to your device and a T for a microphone. unsure what connect up to the headphones themselves but they could be mono 3.5mm, or perhaps mono 6.3mm hard to say without better photos.

not sure i've seen one with mic split-out on them but perhaps or are correct. hard to say without photos... it could be that the company uses proprietary connectors not standard ones.


Nov 13, 2016
I have these headphones. I have not found a replacement cable solution that does not require soldering. The cable looks standard, but it's not. All 3 ends are 3.5mm Stereo, and the "T" is not for a Mic, but rather just a way to plug in another set of headphones. Like a built-in Y cable. Here's where things get interesting. The cable splits left and right signals and wires them to the "ring" connector on each of the plugs that go into the speaker shells. This prevents the cable that ssddx suggests from thatcable from working. It also makes it easy to reverse L and R as it's not labeled on the cable. The "right way" to repair this cable is to get a 3.5mm stereo Y cable (which I cannot find) and to rewire the left headset internally to move the wire from Ring to Tip. That would make it both possible to use plain cables, and it would also provide left and right regardless of how the headset cables were connected. Another way to repair it is to use the first cable suggested by ssddx and then rewire both headsets internally from ring to tip. Unlike the original cable, the one ssddx suggests has red and white plugs that are easily identified as R+L.
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