Can`t change laptop disiplay adapter (Nvidia instead of intel hd graphic)


Dec 7, 2015
Hi all!

I have a big problem. I already search the entire internet for the solution but I just got the same solution. Nothing.
I can`t change the laptop (Dell Inspiron N5110 R15) built in display adapter. The default is Intel HD Graphics 3000 and i want to use the Nvidia GT 525M. I already tried to change the global setting in the Nvidia control panel and set the Nvidia as the default graphic processor but it won`t change the display adapter. Also reinstalled the windows (win 10) 3 times got the same result. Updated every driver, tried to disable intel, uninstall etc. I know the laptop is not using the Nvidia one because I checked it with GPU-Z the dedicated card was always on 0% usage. Nothing worked. Anyone had the same problem before?
Ps. The Nvidia card is working. If i`m using external display with HDMI cable it`s controlled by the Nvidia.


Did you get the drivers from nVidia or Dell? If nVidia, remove those drivers and install the ones from Dell. If you still can't get the nVidia drivers working properly, contact Dell for support.

This issue comes up often when going from Windows 7 or 8 to 10, is that your case also? Did this start after a Windows 10 upgrade?


Dec 7, 2015

I already tried the driver from dell and the updated on from nvidia, even beta and previous versions. Before this I used Windows 7 with same problem. Somehow it worked with the nvidia card but I don`t know how and why. (Win 10) But yes maybe I should try Dell support.
EDIT: Win 10 latest update
May 26, 2018
I'd like to chime this in for all with this kind of problem. The new paradigm for graphics is to use a dedicated core in the main CPU, as many times with lower end graphics, it's super fast by comparison to a dedicated processor separated from the CPU. Those machines built with dedicated GPU cards usually don't have an option for the adapter on the side of the device. The adapter is actually wired to the internal primary card if it's HDMI. Newer DISPLAYPORT connections that do 4-8k are different than HDMI, and require the dedicated functions of a GPU. I've seen many machines with multiple ports, HDMI and Displayport, which have the HDMI routed through the internal card, and the Displayport direct from the graphics card.
It's important to note that the card used for displaying data is NOT ALWAYS the card used for rendering the data. The graphics can be processed by one card, then sent through the other to get to a screen. Main laptop screens are connected to a VIDEO OUT port that gets it's data from the main processor, regardless of which processor actually built the image.
In short YOU CANNOT CHANGE THE CARD FOR THE ADAPTER PORT. It is hardwired to the intel card. You can run programs that use the dedicated card, then move them to the screen you plug in, and they should run the graphics data through the dedicated card, then send that finished data to the intel or AMD card on your main CPU for sending to the port adaptor.
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