Cant delete files or format my SD card, there is no write protection switch but its still write protected.


May 22, 2016
I can delete files on disk f of my 1 GB SD card but not on disk g, can't format, delete option doesn't even show up, and I don't even know why there are two different disks for one SD card with no write protection switch in the first place, I'm so confused right now. can anyone help?


Sounds like you screwed up your card trying to do something you should never do, or possibly that the card broke.

Try this:
1) Back up the files
2) Open the disk manager (right click on start icon in Win 8 or 10)
3) Find the disk for your SD card
4) Remove all partitions from the card
5) Make a new partition that fills the card
6) Put the card in your camera
7) Go to the camera's menu and format the card

If it doesn't work after that, you need a new card


Sep 20, 2016

PLEASE POST IT HERE. i have a 2 locked micro SD cards with 3 weeks worth of holiday photots


May 5, 2016
I've had that too. A duff card.

The problem with SD cards is that, like camera/phone batteries, most of the ones on Amazon/Ebay are fakes. The other day I had exactly what you got but it was a 128GB "Samsung" card which had no space left at 64GB...

The problem is if you want to send it back for a refund and it has confidential data on it. Well, there is a solution but I am not going to post it here ;)
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