Can't play audio from smart tv to headphones


Nov 30, 2016
I just bought a new tv. It's the samsung UN40K6290. I wanted to have the sound come to my headset instead of through the speakers because I am currently living in a dorm on campus so I don't want to disturb my roommates.

What I tried to do is connect a digital/analog converter to the TV via Toslink and then connected my headphones to the other end of the converter which has an input for a headphone jack. I am able to hear the TV sounds ( things like a ding or something when navigating through apps/ buttons on the TV itself) but I cannot hear anything when I try to watch things like Netflix or YouTube. The video plays but I cannot hear anything through my headphones. I am not able to use the TV remote to adjust the volume either. My headset doesn't have a volume controller so I tried to connect an amp(FIIO E6) which did have volume controls but that didn't work either.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

EDIT: Here is a picture I whipped up real quick to make things possibly easier to understand.

Also the TV is set to "Audio Out/Optical" and there are only two formats to choose from: "PCM" and "DTS Neo 2:5". I've tried PCM but it didn't work and I don't know what the other one is so I haven't tried it.
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