Car Sub to Hifi Amp


May 27, 2016
I have a Auna 600w hifi amplifier and a car sub.
I hooked the sub to the amp via this thick brown wire, which first of all had 2 RCA things at both ends. So, I stripped one side to be able to use the stripped wire to put into the subwoofer, which I then put the RCA ends black and red into the SW output which are red and white. The amp picks it up playing a song, but the sub just dosen't react.... The sub definetly works, because if I hook it up to speaker wire and put it into the speaker holes, it plays vocals.

I do also have a car amp, that I used to run it with, if that helps make it work.

This is the amp:

Someone please help me, what shall I do and if I need anything?
That's because the SW out isn't powered, it expects a power sub, which you are not using. You would have to put the car amp in the middle and use that with the sub, if the car amp has a RCA input, then you'd come from the HIFI SW output to the CAR amp INPUT to the sub.