Cd does not have enough space


Dec 2, 2011
I am trying to copy a potentially unreadable damaged disk to another cd and they are both the same size but I am getting an error message that the disk is too small to copy to . Is there a work around for this I am trying to recover a lap top and am trying to copy the recovery disks. thanks


Apr 28, 2009
Can you create a image of the original CD? What do you mean by potentially damaged CD? If you can't copy to an image file then chances are you won't be able to burn/use the new copy anyway. I first try to extract the CD to a file. I use Power Iso but there are other freeware Virtual drive managers that can extract the contents of you CD to a Iso file then you can burn the CD/DVD. Some others are Ultra Iso and Daemons tools lite.
Try VideoHelp or
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