Code 43 on Asus FX553VD

Apr 2, 2018
Hi all, thanks for reading, hopefully someone can suggest something that'll finally resolve this problem.

So, this is my GFs laptop, it was purchased from new.
The other day we decided to try to play some warframe and Secret World Legends. I noticed the fps was fairly poor, even with minimum settings on the games. (I was impressed they'd run at all on integrated graphics)

So, I had a look at dxdiag, saw it has a 1050 gtx, so it really should be faster, but it mentioned code 43, so I looked at device manager, and sure enough. Issues.

Ok, so, this is the list of things I've tried:

- DDU to uninstall, then reinstall the lastest drivers.
- DDU to uninstall, then reinstall the drivers from the ASUS website.
- DDU to uninstall, then windows update for drivers.
- BIOS updated
- Windows reinstall (kept files)

I don't seem to be able to do a proper power reset, and the battery isn't accessible (didn't wanna risk voiding warranty by removing the bottom of the laptop). So, I'm starting to think there might actually be a hardware fault, which would suck.

Does anyone have any ideas of what might fix this problem before I suggest she returns or tries to get a repair for it?