Connecting an old (no HDMI) Sony DVD Home Theatre System DAV-FR10W to a new Sony X900e


Jan 10, 2018
Just can't do...tried every connection with every kind of works fine so speaker connections are fine. TV offers "tv speakers" or "audio system", but no sound from system. Any experts out there? I'm a clutz so specifics are needed for both type of cable needed as well as specific connection points of both.
Sony chat rep first suggestion? RCA red/yellow/ such jacks on system.
Sony chat rep #2 suggestion? Digital optical....$20 later, does not work.
Store techie ("geek") tries to adjust tv in store to accommodate digital such adjustment,
but I'm assured it has to work.
Your HTS has both optical digital input (SAT) and 2 analog audio inputs (SAT and video).
Your TV has an optical audio output on the rear. Check the TV manual on how to use that. You often have to turn it on, turn the TV speakers off, and set the audio output type in the TV audio menu.
You will need a toslink audio cable to connect them.
The TV also has an analog audio/headphone output on the side. You could use this to connect the TV to the analog inputs on the HTS but that would not give you digital surround sound. You would need a cable with a 3.5mm stereo plug at the TV end and 2 RCA plugs at the HTS end.
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