Connecting my new SMART TV to old Technics HiFi?


Feb 5, 2015

Could anybody please advise me on the following problem:

I recently purchased a new SMART TV but the sound quality is very disappointing. I would like to know if it is possible to link it to my old HiFi and play the sound through the speakers and if so what cables/connectors would I need?

The TV model is: Panasonic Vieira - TX 48 AS 640E

The HiFi Stereo Sound Processor is: Technics - SH EH 570
The HiFi Tuner/Amp is: Technics - SA EH 570

Also, the cable that links the separates, is it possible to buy an extension as I need to position them further apart? If so what type of cable is it?

Any help is very much appreciated.

Thank you


Can't tell exactly what the labeling is on the back, but it does look like there is a set of RCA audio in jacks there, just get a 3.5mm headphone to RCA cable.
if you are talking about the cable connecting the various components, looks like a custom cable for that system, I doubt there are longer versions.


Dec 11, 2016



Dec 11, 2016
I got a cable with a headphone jack on one side and and red white and yellow connector on the other side . I connected the headphone jack to the TV headphone and the white and yellow cable to the amp. I tried to put the red and white but one speaker didn't work so I put the yellow cable and it works fine, all the best
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