Correct way to split HDMI in a professional setting?


Feb 11, 2015
I have a Pioneer VSX-1021 connected to multiple devices (xboxs). I have a projector and a TV that I use at different times and thus recently bought a splitter from monoprice (their "pro" series). Twice my HDMI cable to the projector has broken (monoprice "redmere") and multiple times the splitter has had to be replaced as well.

Anyways, what is the PROFESSIONAL way to do this? Taking multiple devices into my vsx-1021 then splitting it to two devices. I don't think my $40 monoprice splitter is cutting it...

Thanks all
Are the cables physically breaking or they just become defective?
What is the length of cable you are using?

In regards to greens comment, a splitter is completely sufficient for your purposes, and as long as it is not defective then there is no issue.

The one problem we ran into at my work with equipment from brands like monoprice and aten is that the middle man device (does not matter if it is a splitter, switch, or matrix switch) wont always effectively maintain the handshake between the source device and the display which is required for HD connections (for the illusion of preventing piracy). Unfortunately I don't have any suggestion on a good product because we went to something way more complex then typical home needs (and way way beyond home budget).