Corrupt video after transfer to PC


Sep 12, 2011
I have a video that I regretfully "cut" from the SD card and pasted to my PC. At some point, my machine locked up when I was away. Assuming it was towards the end of the transfer or afterwards.

Regardless, the .MOV video cannot be opened in VLC, WMP and Premier Elements 12.

I've tried to use the program Recover my Files from Get Data on both the PC and SD card, but that was a shot in the dark considering I'm not positive where files go after they're are cut as opposed to deleted.

Any suggestions?
I realize you have tried at least one recovery program but have you tried Recuva from Piriform? It is a free download and virus free. Make sure you download it from the Piriform site. Recuva has a deep scan option which will take a while to run but it may be worth a shot. I use it myself and have had good results. As long as the files have not been overwritten there may still be a chance for recovery. I have made the mistake of using cut and paste only to lose files which is why I now do a copy and paste as it is much safer.