Dell Inspiron 1520-Single Channel Memory Performance Concerns


Jul 11, 2006
Hello :hello: ,

I own a low end Dell inspiron 1520 with a T5250/1Gig Ram/160GB hdd/8600M GT card. It has come pre installed with vista Home premium. Well you would have guessed it. Yea its way too slow. So i thought why not increase the RAM size.

But since it comes with 1GB both of the slots are occuppied. I was thinking about buying a 2GB single stick and using it along with one 512MB to make total 2.5GB. So this would mean making the memory run only in single channel mode.

My major concern is whether this would affect the performance of the Laptop in a way that would negate the advantage of having that much extra memory :( .

I would have bought 2x1GiG and still run them in dual channel but then if i again want to increase RAM that would put me in a bad position. Can you guys please clear my doubts so that i can go ahead and make a wise choice.

Thank you all well in advance :) .

~~Digitall DreamZZ~~


Oct 10, 2007
Some may not agree, but Vista is most likely the culprit of the slowness. I have 1GB on the laptop in my Sig, running XP and it breezes through everything I throw at it with ease. I was going to upgrade mine to 2GB, but it doesn't need it.