Denon S730H - cannot produce sound from karaoke system

May 23, 2018
1. I cannot get my receiver Denon S730H produce sound from my Karaoke-Pioneer dvl v888 and using the Microphone plugged in Karaoke (Front input for microphone).

It only produce the music but no voice.

Do I need a mixer? or amplifier?

2. And what happens if I want my laptop to be the karaoke system with Youtube?
For video: Laptop Out HDMI -> Denon In HDMI Media Port -> Denon Out -> TV
For sound: How can I use my microphone from Pioneer since Receiver is not taking both sound input at the same time?
1. Have you checked the mic level adjustment on the Pioneer?
Are you sure the mic works?
2. You can't use the Pioneer as your mixer with a laptop. You will need a mixer with mic preamp built in. The HDMI out of the laptop goes directly to the TV. Set the headphone out as your audio device and connect it to the mixer. The output of the mixer goes to an analog input on the Denon receiver.
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