Solved! Discovering a new DAC output on motherboard, worth it ?

Oct 26, 2018
Hi guys,

I'm about to invest in a new motherboard for my PC (new build) and on the specific board (Gigabyte Z390 AORUS Master) I'm surprisingly discovering a new feature ! A USB 3.0 DAC-UP port ! (yellow ones)

I do not find a lot information on it, actually almost nothing, I’m supposing this is a less noisy USB output dedicated for an external DAC, ok seems pretty cool. But is it worth it ? Will it replace my “Intona High Speed USB Isolator” already in my possession ? Those it worth maybe doing both ?

Many thanks !!!
Oct 26, 2018
That's indeed the point ^^ less noise make already a big difference for Hi-Fi connection.
The advantage to connect your DAC with USB is that the DAC will fully take over the sound of your motherboard/Windows, means no motherboard sound driver anymore and the sound source is totally controlled directly by your DAC, this means that the source of Windows will not mix or interfere with the external DAC, what is a huge point imo. This is not the case with a simple "Toslink" connection... ;)
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