Ear - Splitting "Whistling" Noise


Feb 20, 2017
My parent's laptop just started making a sound I've never heard (myself or heard of) coming from a computer. It sounded like something you would hear coming from a tone generator (somewhere near 750Hz). The more troubling part about this sound is that it was far too loud to be coming from the laptop's speakers, and was not connected to any external speakers. Furthermore, the noise only occurred when the laptop was closed. All of this started randomly and woke both myself and my mother. To quote her, it encompassed the entire floor. When I realized the source was the laptop, I opened it to see that Windows was updating, and to hear that the sound stopped. When I closed it again, the sound restarted. Then, when I opened it again, the laptop went to sleep. This could have been caused by my opening and closing of the laptop however it was already closed to begin with.

Again, I have never heard something like this from a computer, but hopefully you guys have. Thanks for any help in advance.
Try setting the amplification of you microphone to zero.

You might also want to consider turning off the laptop when not using it/sleeping. It isn't like it needs to be on. :)