Flash not working on Chrome/Firefox/Safari - just blank, no window


May 18, 2016
For the last 4-5 days, I have been unable to stream on my desktop on Chrome/Firefox at SportsMania or other streaming sites. Youtube etc work fine but these sites the stream window itself doesn't appear. Clicking on any of the stream links does nothing. I have updated Chrome, Flash to it's latest versions, have disabled hardware acceleration, have enabled Javascript, have deleted cache, cookies, history, everything, disabled all Chrome extensions, but nothing works. This has been happening on my Laptop as well

Have attached a screenshot. The links are on the left, there should be a stream window in

Please please help


What I've also found is that I have the same problem on my laptop at home, so could it be an ISP issue? Although it works perfectly fine in an app on my phone. I'm perplexed. Please help