Games run choppy on nvidia gpu


Aug 12, 2017
Hi. Here is the context. My laptop has 2 gpu's, a low tier intel gpu and an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050. Everything was just peachy till 3 days ago when I installed a windows 10 creator's update. Now my games run horribly when I have the GTX enabled under device manager I mean like 10 fps and extremely unstable, even in a game as simplistic as Minecraft. The only way to get them to run at even a bare minimum of 30 fps is to switch off the GTX and go to the default intel one. Obviously this is not the desirable solution, I want my 150 fps on ultra settings back because that's what I paid for with this laptop.

I've narrowed it down to either being

A: A software issue
B: Some sort of settings/options issue restricting the gpu
C: An incompatibility issue with something else on or in the computer, possibly brought on by the windows update because that's when the problem popped up

It's unlikely the fault of any virus because I have a (decent) antivirus, take good, safe care on the internet, and tried doing a full computer wipe/reset, and I don't think it's a hardware issue because I ran multiple stress tests, some isolating the gpu and its fan, some testing the whole rig, and no red flags popped.

I've literally only had the laptop for a month and I'd love for some reassuring news or advice here. I tried tech support with Dell, where I got the laptop, but wasted 90 minutes listening to a very thickly accented person guide me through the very basics that I had already tried, only to tell me he wouldn't help me any further because I only have a hardware warranty, not a software warranty, and the minimum to continue forward was $100+ .


Take it easy with the tech jargon, I have a very limited and fragile knowledge of computers


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