Getting audio from XBOX 360 and PC through the same headset


Sep 22, 2013
I've seen lots of people (mainly streamers) have their computers and XBOX audio going through the same headset. How would I go about doing this?

My current setup is that I plug my XBOX into my PC monitor using HDMI and then put my headphones into the back of my monitor, this allows me to get XBOX sound. I then plug earphones into my computer and wear them underneath, this is very uncomfortable but it works. I was told by a friend to buy an audio cable I think it was, which I ran from the computer to the monitor. However, this wasn't easy to get to work. I had to disable my mic in the sound settings to enable to audio cable, this would allow me to hear both, however not talk. Another problem with this is if I enabled my mic afterwards, they could not hear me but could hear all of my game sounds on Skype, there was also a constant 'hoover' noise in my headset when enabling the audio cable. This could be due to it being quite a cheap cable? (£2.49)

I've heard people talk about splitters, but I have no idea what kind I would need.

TLDR: I would like to connect my computer and XBOX together to have audio going into one headset, however I would also like my microphone to work so I can chat on Skype.

note: my headset and mic are not USB.

Thanks for anything you can provide!


You need a y splitter cable but these will be hard to find as most are male,female ,female and you need Male,Male,Female.
if you can source one then one 3.5mm jack plug will connect to monitor,the other jack plug to computer and the headphones into the female connector.The microphone will then plug into your computer as normal.
If you use a MFF splitter you could use 3.5mm to 3.5mm jack male to male cables on the female connectors and a 3.5mm coupler(FF back to back) on the male connector.