Good speakers and subwoofer for trap music while gaming


Jan 5, 2014
I need some good speakers and subwoofers to listen to trap and dubstep music while gaming, i dont want to spend too much, but if i need to i will. Any suggestions?



most of the microlab series are pretty good. I have listened to some of the newer logitech thx series and i have been very unimpressed, even though they scored well in reviews, they have been very tinny, plasticy and harsh sounding. Its really hard to tell unless you actually listen to the speakers first hand. Dub step has a lot of low bass so you want a sub that is as large as you can afford really, and 2 way speakers/satellites with tweeters and a mid might be an advantage to bring out the crisp highs. I have been eyeing these off, they have been given some rave reviews too bad no stores locally have them for me to listen to.
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