Google Chrome Unusable For Me! Freezing and Errors Everywhere! HELP!

Shark Dentist

Jul 2, 2014
For the past few days Google Chrome has been absolutely unusable! Whenever I click something the whole page freezes! Every single time! I can't open a new tab or anything without freezing! It will also stop responding etc..

I tried Internet explorer and although I'm not getting a lot of freezing,it keeps crashing! I get about 4 crash notices at once! Even right now I'm scared sh*tless that this page will crash!

Strange thing is... everything was fine a few days ago! I was browsing the internet, everything running smoothly.. I went to bed, woke up the next day and it was unusable!

Somebody suggested that it might be a virus but I'm extremely careful on the internet and I've done a full system scan with Malwarebytes and nothing alarming showed up! + I cleaned PC and registry with Ccleaner!

If anyone could fix this problem I'd be very grateful!
Thanks in advance! :)


Jun 27, 2014
Ignore the above. Processors and RAM don't need to be anything special to run a browser. Navigate to Event Viewer and find events from Chrome. Post what errors you find regarding this problem.


Jul 19, 2009
Have you tried uninstalling/reinstalling chrome? Do you have multiple antivirus/antispyware running simultaneously? You might want to check taskmgr while chrome is open and acting sluggish and see if anything is eating up huge amounts of memory... you shouldn't be at risk for running out of memory, but if something is hogging a lot of resources you can at least narrow down what the problem might be