GPU Acceleration - Vegas Pro 12 - Crashing


Aug 17, 2013

I'm using a GTX 650Ti 2GB, and trying to render with the GPU (instead of CPU)

While trying to GPU render, I use Sony AVC/MVC (.mp4)
I customize the templete,
Encode Mode: Render with GPU if available
Video Format: AVC
Frame Size: HD (1920x1080)
Bit Rate (bps): 10,000,000
Video Rendering Quality: High
And CUDA is available.

Why does it stop responding, I am trying to get a faster rendering time.
If you search the forums you will see you are not alone with this issue. More than one person has reported having issues when using the GPU for rendering. Have you tried a lower Bit Rate? I see the 10,000,000 bps translates to 9.536743 Mbps. Does using a lower bitrate, for example less than 3 (3,145,728 bps), make a difference? Does it stop responding if you use one of the presets?