HDMI from laptop displays static on tv. Yet it didn't used to do this and works fine on another tv.


Oct 7, 2015
HDMI cord from laptop worked on tv the other day. Now it doesn't. You can see the image behind tons of static (But not normal static, it has color and is in large blocks, but changes if I switch inputs and then go back)(Laptop shows no static). MY CORD does this on both ports. But our Xbox 360 Works on both ports. MY CORD works fine on my friend's tv. And her CORD worked fine on MY TV. Why won't MY CORD work on MY TV. I'm very frustrated. Please help!
Just a bad combination of your laptop needing the right shielding to not get interferenace and your friends cable being good enough or something. HDMI cables are cheap, get a new one. You've established the TV is fine, your laptop is fine, just that cable, that TV, that laptop, don't like each other.