HDMI not showing anything on screen from Bluray player


Jul 17, 2017
I have a Toshiba TV which has 2 HDMI ports. 1 port is not working. I plug my Bluray player into it and I just get a blank screen, but it works fine in the other port, so I know it is not a cable problem. I don't get any message like 'No signal', so it looks like the signal is received but nothing is displaying.
I have tried resetting the TV to factory settings but it hasn't helped.

Is there anything I can do to fix it?
You might be able to replace the HDMI board of the TV. Given that there are only two HDMI inputs the TV might be old enough to make parts hard to get. A simple solution is to buy an HDMI input selector. This will expand the working HDMI input to as many as you want.